Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Prussian Army Grows & Happy Turkey Day!

Continuing with my 1860s - 1870s Prussians, I just painted a unit of Württembergers and added them to my growing collection. It has become my realization that I need more standard bearers for each unit so I will be adding another to the Prussian Line Infantry as well as another for the Württembergers. The Württemberg command figures are on order as I did not have any.

A stroll in the French countryside perhaps?
Württemberg Line Infantry
Prussian Dragoons
Prussian Line Regiment
Prussian Line Regiment
Prussian Artillery
Bavarian Line Regiment
Saxon Jager
There you have it, my work so far. I have been wanting to add some color to my Prussian Army but very few units (even amongst their allies) offer anything different than the usual pickelhaube and dark blue jacket. In my research, I found that Anhalt's uniforms of the period were quite different. They wore a medium green jacket with their regimental colors on their cuffs, collars and epaulets. The pants were in a dark grey with their regimental color running down their leg. The majority of sources show their pickelhaube with a silver spike and badge but a few others do show them both as gold. I will be painting the 93rd Anhalt Infantry Regiment with its pink regimental colors.

Anhaltisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 93
My next phase of the project is going to be to complete some Prussian Hussars, a couple more Prussian officers and standard bearers, as well as the Württemberg command base. Afterwards, I will begin painting some French for the period to give myself an opposing army. Thanks for looking and for all my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!