Friday, October 11, 2013

The Great Emhar Controversy

Over at The Miniatures Page, there has been a discussion regarding the use of the grenadier Emhar figure in my show of scale as they said it was a bit of an unfair comparison because that figure was larger than the others. So, I pulled off a few more figures and went ahead and put them up against my highly sophisticated comparison chart.

L-R: Emhar, Emhar, Pegasus, Revell, HaT, Emhar
As you can see, the other figures in the box are also just as tall. While this does not discourage me from painting and using them, they have certainly fallen in my list of priorities. If someone ends up releasing a better, helmeted Brit line in 1/72, I will likely buy those and give the Emhar box to my nephew as a toy.

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  1. Use Hat Canadians and US figures. They're both in British uniform and with British equipment (apart from some Brownings and Chauchats in the US box).