Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Trench Bug

As most people can tell, the trench bug has bit me. I plan to do a 20mm WWI set of rules based on large scale operations so I ordered boxes of 1/72 figures in plastic. For just $50, I got 2 boxes of Revell WWI German Infantry, a box of Pegasus French Infantry, Emhar British Artillery, Emhar British Infantry, HaT British Highlanders and HaT German Artillery. They all seemed to have good reviews over at Plastic Soldier Review but I wish I paid more attention to the size difference.

After removing the figures from the boxes, the size difference became quickly apparent. As you can see below, the Emhar British are 1" tall (second line) while the HaT Highlanders only reach just above a half inch. On the far right I put a Caesar Modern US Marine just for comparison as I know Caesar makes a line of WWI German infantry as well but I didn't purchase them as I was told they were too small.
L-R: Emhar, Pegasus, Revell, HaT, Caesar
I fear it will be an awkward looking battlefield with the gigantic Brits so I may try to remove them from their base and see if that evens things up a bit. Some good news is that I have already started painting my 28mm Belgians by Brigade Models.

Starting to look sharp!

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  1. Blimey the Emhar figures a giant,I think you'll get away with using the other together though. The Belgians are looking rather tasty!!